Single-duct AHU


The simulated system consists of a single-duct air handling unit (SD-AHU) providing conditioned air to five VAV terminal units, each serving a single zone (four perimeter and one interior) on the middle floor of a three-story building.. The SD-AHU has a chilled water cooling coil, and variable speed supply and return fans, and delivers air at a constant temperature and static pressure to the terminal units. Individual terminal units control the volume of air entering a zone and use hydronic reheat when necessary to satisfy the temperature setpoint in a zone. The data set was created using EnergyPlus-Modelica co-simulation and comprises a collection of comma separated value (CSV) files. Each CSV file represents either a fault-free case or a faulty case representing a single fault type at a specific severity level. A separate data inventory file documents key information for the dataset, including system type and diagram, control sequence, description of data points, and the faulty and fault-free scenarios represented in each CSV file.

Data File Downloads

Inventory of simulated SD-AHU data sets
A .pdf file to document key information necessary to understand the content and scope of each data set
PDF (518 KB)
Simulated SD-AHU data
A .zip file including 20 .csv files containing all the time-series measurements for 5 faults at different severity levels and 1 fault-free case
ZIP (593 MV+B)
Simulated SD-AHU data sets.ttl
A .ttl file to visualize the data according to Brick schema
All three SD-AHU data set files Download all
ZIP (593 MB)

Data Details

Location: Chicago, IL
Hvac System: Single duct AHU
Data Generation Method: Simulation using EnergyPlus and Modelica
Time Scope: 1 year (365 days)
Data Sample Rate: 1 minute
Data Points: 30
Data Size: 2.69 GB
Digital Object Identifier (Doi):

Data Contributor

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory