Dual-duct AHU


The simulated system consists of a dual-duct air handling unit (DD-AHU) and four connected variable air volume (VAV) terminal units each serving a single zone on one floor of a building. The DD-AHU has two parallel air ducts, one with a hot water heating coil and fan for delivering warm air to the zones, and the other with a chilled water cooling coil and fan for delivering cool air to the zones. Individual VAV terminal units use dampers to control the volumes of warm and cool air that are mixed to satisfy the temperature setpoint of a particular zone. The data set was created using HVACSIM+ developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and comprises a collection of comma separated value (CSV) files. Each CSV file represents either a fault-free case or a faulty case representing a single fault type at a specific severity level. A separate data inventory file documents key information for the data set, including system type and diagram, control sequence, description of data points, and the faulty and fault-free scenarios represented in each CSV file.

Data File Downloads

Inventory of simulated DD-AHU data sets
A .pdf file to document key information necessary to understand the content and scope of each data set
PDF (419 KB)
Simulated DD-AHU data sets.zip
A .zip file including 56 .csv files containing all the time-series measurements for 15 faults at different severity levels and 1 fault-free case
ZIP (1.6GB)
Simulated DD-AHU data sets.ttl
A .ttl file to visualize the data according to Brick schema
All three DD-AHU data set files Download all
ZIP (1.65GB)

Data Details

Location: Des Moines, IA
Hvac System: Dual duct AHU
Data Generation Method: Simulation using HVACSIM+
Time Scope: 1 year (365 days)
Data Sample Rate: 1 minute
Data Points: 114
Data Size: 16.1 GB
Digital Object Identifier (Doi): https://dx.doi.org/10.25984/1881324

Data Contributor

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Drexel University